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why is a mold cost so expensive?


The most important factor in the production of glass bottles is the glass bottle mold; but many customers do not know why the mold opening cost of the cosmetic bottle is so expensive. Below the basic steps of making the glass bottle mold, you can clearly know what the reason is.

The first step is to design the drawing: hand the sample glass bottle or size to the designer, and design the drawings of the whole set of machines;
The second step is to turn the sand blank: sanding out the blanks of various components according to the drawings;
The third step is milling the milling machine: the initial die and the die blank are milled into a flat surface by the milling machine.
The fourth step is to make all the components at the same time: all the lathes in the workshop are all started, and their respective divisions are divided; if there is a dry initial mold, there is a dry die (that is, the end of the mold), and the first road is dry and then dried. (the end of the mold bottle mouth), there is a dry head, there is a dry funnel, there is a dry gas head, and a dry die (the die is dry, and some people then dry the core or punch and cool Device);
The fifth step is to sculpt: after the completion of the second model, put the mold or the initial mold into the carved lathe, and according to the designed program, 99% of the work is automatically completed by the carving, saving time and effort, not yet. Will make a mistake;
The sixth step is polishing: from the carved initial mold, into the mold, using fine sandpaper sanding;
The seventh step is assembly: the components that are made in each production line are assembled, and the parts are assembled into finished parts;

The eighth step is to open the slot: all the components that are in good condition are in accordance with the drawings, or the exhaust slots/heat sinks, etc.

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