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  • Cosmobeaute Indonesia 2023

    COSMOBEAUTE 2023 Booth Number: B27 Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Indonesia | 10AM-7PM Indonesia’s beauty industry is one of the most promising mainstay industries and growing rapidly. The growth of the beauty market in Indonesia increased by 7% in 2022. Indonesia has a very large potential to produce attractive and high-quality beauty products that meet the tastes and needs of the world market....
  • where to buy custom perfume bottles

    Many Peope often asked where to buy luxury glass perfume bottles,here is the answer. Top&Top Packaging has great experience for high quality glass perfume bottles in China which offer the best price for each style bottles. 3 packaging designers are specialized in packaging design for 15 years. such as unique perfume bottles.
  • The Value of Perfume Bottle Packaging

    Unlike other packaging, perfume bottle packaging has a variety of shape. In addition to common glass perfume bottles, in fact, various crystal and metal perfume bottle packaging also occupy a large market. Compared with other packaging, the appearance of various perfume bottle packaging presents a great sense of luxury. For perfume bottle packaging, with the development of the market over the year...
  • Production process of plastic bottles for hand sanitizer

    The plastic particles are heated and melted and injected into the preform mold, which is cooled and shaped into a semi-finished product (a preform similar to the shape of a test tube, also known as a tube preform), which is heated and adjusted when the preform is not completely cooled, and then sent to the blown air mold. After stretching and blowing, the plastic of the tube blank is evenly distri...
  • The Spray Head of Plastic Bottle

    The spray head of the spray plastic bottle is made of polyvinyl chloride, and its production type is mass production. The spray material of spray plastic bottles, PVC, is a thermoplastic. From the performance point of view, PVC materials are flame-retardant and self-extinguishing, without dripping, in addition, they have high strength, good weather resistance and good geometric stability. From the...
  • How to Use Alcohol for Disinfection

    During the epidemic, you can usually use peracetic acid solution or 84 disinfectant to disinfect the virus in the air. If the item is disinfected, it can be disinfected with 75% alcohol, which is effective. It is necessary to take protective measures at ordinary times, and wear masks when going out, avoid gathering with the crowd, wash hands frequently. (1) When spraying irritant or corrosive disi...
  • Every perfume bottle lives in an elf

    Every perfume bottle lives in an elf. The reason why a perfume is so addictive must include its gorgeous perfume bottle body. Major fashion and fragrance brands have tailored their luxury outerwear to their perfumes. In addition to design and building materials, the top priority also includes With its noble texture, there will always be some women who first touch the "fabric" with vision, then fee...
  • What will affect the price of glass perfume bottles

    1. Different materials and specifications, different prices 2, different types of bottle caps, different prices Would anyone say that a small bottle cap would have such an effect? The answer is yes. Bottle caps are mainly used for sealing. Types of bottle caps are divided into plastic caps, glass caps, aluminum caps and aluminum-plastic combined caps. According to the structure, the plastic cover ...
  • Common printing processes

    Post-print processing of printed materials mainly refers to surface finishing, binding technology and other processing methods in order to improve the compression resistance, water resistance and sealing or environmental protection performance of printed materials. The post-printing process in the industry refers to the surface decoration of printed matter as the main direction. Generally speaking...
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