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  • Perfume Bottle Design of Takada Kenzo

    Takahashi Kenzo’s re-launch of the fragrant bamboo fragrance in 2001, which is widely welcomed by the world, is not only its mysterious oriental fragrance, but also creates a scent glass bottle with a very “bionic” character, which mimics the bamboo shape in its overall shape. . The dark blue frosted glass perfume bottle, the powerful and powerful bottle, is like the determination of a man who is ...
  • How to fill cosmetic vacuum bottles

    The vacuum bottle pressure pump has no suction pipe, which can completely isolate the inner material from the air, avoid the product from oxidative deterioration and bacteria growth due to contact with air, and improve the product grade with its high-tech concept. The vacuum cosmetic bottle that is used in the market consists of a cylindrical ellipsoidal container with a piston placed at the botto...
  • Perfume Bottle Production Process

    1 cutting, grinding, engraving Different forms of machining of the glass can be achieved with diamond, carbide or silicon carbide tools and steel grinding wheels. For crystal glass perfume bottles used to hold high-grade perfumes, the glass bottles are cut, ground or engraved with a grinding wheel. The high-finely ground glass surface can achieve a very high degree of finish. With the different an...
  • Acrylic Cosmetic Bottles

    Acrylic cosmetic bottles, the raw material chemical commonly known as PMMA, in the field of cosmetic bottle packaging, acrylic bottles are commonly used in high-end creams, lotions and other cosmetic packaging, welcomed by the market. Acrylic bottles not only have the characteristics of plastic: resistance to falling, light weight, not easy to color, difficult to process, low cost, etc., but also ...
  • Screw Molded Perfume Bottle

    The perfume bottle is made of high white glass and the mouth of the bottle is a screw (small mouth). Due to the extremely strong plasticity of the glass and the increasingly mature processing technology, people's imagination has plenty of room to play. Glass can be made into many shapes, and opal glass, gold and silver filament glass, etc. have also developed, and perfume containers have become mo...
  • Basic Knowledge of Cosmetic Tube Packaging

    1, Cosmetic Tube Size 100ml hose, can be used: 35mm diameter * 140mm length, 40mm diameter * 120mm length, 45mm diameter * 110mm length, 50mm diameter * 100mm length, these mainstream specifications, from thin and long hose to chunky cute Hose, all in one. 2, Beauty Packaging Tube Printing Process Before the customer does not provide a specific print pattern, at least tell the customer that the fa...
  • How to buy good glass cosmetics bottles

    In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, the main packaging-glass packaging bottle is also rapidly rising and expanding. A number of glass cosmetic bottle manufacturers are blooming all over the market, and many glass bottles are coming. Products are also emerging in the market, giving consumers more choices , while their uneven quality has also brought bad effects to the market. H...
  • The original color of glass cosmetic bottles

    Glass cosmetic bottles are bottles made from glass materials, commonly known as glass bottles. There are many kinds of glass bottles, which are divided into transparent glass perfume bottles, green glass cosmetic bottles, brown essential oil glass bottles, blue glass bottles, dark green glass bottles, and emerald glass bottles. At present, transparent white glass bottles are widely used, and there...
  • Quality standards of our glass cosmetic bottles

    Quality requirements of glass cosmetic bottles should have certain performance and meet certain quality standards. 1 glass quality: pure and uniform, no sandstone, stripes, bubbles and other defects. The colorless glass has high transparency; the color glass is uniform and stable in color, and can absorb light energy of a certain wavelength. 2 Physicochemical properties: It has certain chemical st...
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