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  • Smart Hand Sanitizer Foaming Dispenser

    Smart Hand Sanitizer Foaming Dispenser


    NEW Smart Hand Sanitizer Dispenser from Top&Top . You must say that hand sanitizer should be automatic, which is too lazy to be too ridiculous! In fact, automatic hand sanitizer is also beneficial. When we want to wash our hands, it will naturally be covered with various dusts and bacteria. When our hands touch the hand sanitizer bottle, there will naturally be a considerable amount of bacterial residues. . Especially in public places, so many people press and go every day, how dirty you can imagine. The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is the same as our common automatic sensor faucet in public toilets. As long as you put your hand under the bottle mouth, the hand sanitizer will automatically flow out, and the content of the remaining hand sanitizer in the bottle can be displayed through the transparent window in front. . At the same time, it will automatically control the outflow of hand sanitizer according to the time the hand stays, which is very convenient. Compared with traditional hand sanitizer bottles and soaps, smart hand sanitizer dispenser can reduce the probability and quantity of bacterial transmission, and can completely cut off the way of bacterial transmission; This product is very popular in hotel and home.Top&Top offer bulk price for automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.

  • PET Plastic Bottles & PP Plastic Bottles

    PET Plastic Bottles & PP Plastic Bottles


    Both PET plastic bottles and PP plastic bottles are a kind of plastic products, but there are also big differences between them. PP plastic bottle is a kind of food container with no toxic smell. Its high temperature resistance is very good. It can be used as the outer shell of the kettle. It can be used in milk bottles and other food containers. However, the high temperature resistance of PET plastic bottles is not as good as PP plastic bottles, and the carbonated drinks we usually drink, such as cola, sprite, and some juice packaging plastic bottles are made of it. Any kind of plastic product has a temperature limit when it is used. If the temperature is too high, it will decompose a harmful substance, or our plastics will be easily softened. Most of all plastic products are toxic substances. There are many beverage bottles that we drink every day and plastic bottles for liquid packaging that are not resistant to high temperatures.     The appearance of the mouth of the PET plastic bottle is relatively neat, the end surface of the bottle mouth is very flat, the thread is relatively complete, there is no damage notch, and its crystallinity is very good, there is no benefit, nor What is the phenomenon of threading. The entire plastic bottle will not be deformed, and there will be no oil stains inside. The forming degree of the bottle body is very good, and the transparency is also very high. There are no black spots, scratches, fogging, whitening, and hardening. The colored bottles should be relatively uniform in color, without any obvious color difference. . The bottom of the bottle is not dented, and there is no protrusion, the bottom of the bottle does not crack, and there is no delamination.




    Firstly, plastic raw materials are made into preforms, and then they are blown. Nowadays, commonly used environmentally friendly plastics made of PET. There are 2 steps for PET plastic bottles 1. Warm up The preform is irradiated by a high temperature lamp tube to heat and soften the body part of the preform. In order to maintain the shape of the bottle mouth, the preform mouth does not need to be heated, so a certain cooling device is required to cool it. Second, blow molding At this stage, the preheated preforms are put into the ready-made molds, and the high-pressure inflation is carried out to blow the preforms into the required bottles. Bottle blowing machines on the market are generally divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic. The automatic blow molding machine combines the two operations of blowing through the operation of the robotic hand, eliminating the process of manually putting the preheated preform into the mold. Greatly speed up the production rate, of course, the price is higher than semi-automatic.

  • Is it OK to Put 75% Alcohol in Plastic Spray Bottle?

    Is it OK to Put 75% Alcohol in Plastic Spray Bottle?


    According to the documents related to the diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection, 75% alcohol, chlorine-containing disinfectants and other disinfection products that are not under special control can effectively inactivate the virus, and have attracted more and more attention from the society. So can 75% alcohol be packed in plastic bottle? Can 75% alcohol be bottled with Pet plasticl water? Li Dongzhou, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, told a press conference on the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in Beijing on the 12th that it is best not to do so. Li Dongzhou pointed out that according to the "New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Program (Trial Version 5)" recently released by the National Health and Health Commission, 75% ethanol, chlorine-containing disinfectants, and peracetic acid can effectively inactivate the virus. However, these disinfection products also have dangerous characteristics such as flammability, poisoning, corrosion, etc. If used improperly and stored, it is easy to cause safety accidents such as fire, poisoning, and burns. When residents store alcohol in their homes, single Plastic bottle packaging should not exceed 500 ml to avoid potential safety hazards. The alcohol container should be glass or special plastic packaging, and must have a reliable seal. It is strictly forbidden to use uncovered containers, and try not to use ordinary mineral water bottles and other non-special packaging materials to hold alcohol. Store disinfection products including alcohol in a cool, ventilated place, away from fire and heat sources, and avoid direct sunlight. So when you purchase the plastice spray bottle for alcohol sanitizer ,please choose a  good suppllier.if you have any questions about it,please feel free contact with us.

  • A well-designed perfume bottle is the best salesman

    A well-designed perfume bottle is the best salesman


    When it comes to perfume, not everyone will embrace it, and so is the brand. LV (Louis Vuitton) has always paid close attention to perfumes, making it a minority in luxury brands. However, in 2012, the slightly conservative LV finally decided to launch its first perfume, moving the product line from the traditional position of leather bags. It spread, infiltrating the rusty territory of perfume. How did French perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, who had been involved in the preparation of Issey Miyake's "Water of a Lifetime" and Ms. Dior Addict perfume, interpret the taste of LV, and what kind of attitude will the classic LV logo appear on which perfume bottles Undoubtedly the biggest suspense in the perfume industry in 2012. In the perfume world, vision is just as important as smell. Before the customer can smell the perfume, it is the bottle that gives her the most direct sensory experience. The visual impact of a well-designed perfume bottle often catches the customer's heart before the temptation of smell. This also confirms the old saying in the French perfume industry: "A well-designed perfume bottle is the best salesman for perfume." In the process of visually moving the sense of smell, perfumes that are easy to dissipate can only be perfected if they are wrapped by the unique bottle body. "No container can hold so many feelings and memories like a  glass perfume bottle"-maybe only personal experience of Mrs. Chanel, but "no other product can make the container so delicate like perfume" is common among consumers Feel. Perfume bottles can always blend the beauty of the brand with the subtleties. Perfume bottles no longer play the simple role of containers. If you have any questions about the glass perfume bottle design,please feel free to contact with us.

  • Glass Perfume Bottles

    Glass Perfume Bottles


    Different types of perfumes will come with different bottles. In France, the glass was popular in the perfume industry at the time because the Baccarat factory was dedicated to producing a wide range of glass perfume bottles. Crystal glass has been popular since then. Some high-end perfume bottles are made of gold and silver and embellished with crystal and emerald. The 18th century bottle design is separated from the previous Baroque style, returning to nature, simple and stylish, and has been praised by Rousseau. At the same time, a number of excellent porcelain perfume bottles have emerged, usually decorated with gold and made into pear shape.

  • How to Custom Beautiful Perfume Bottles

    How to Custom Beautiful Perfume Bottles


    Many glass perfume bottles are won with their delicate and elegant decoration, such as engraved surfaces, embossed or inlaid diamonds, pearl surfaces, hand-knotted bows or beautiful spikes. This kind of decoration is especially easy to attract women's visual attention. This collection boldly uses Renaissance relief art.Perfectly showing the love of the gods in m.Take you into the fairyland of Western mythology. Generally, transparent perfume bottles such as glass crystals are mostly light colors, such as light lemon yellow, light orange, light green, light blue, etc., especially light lemon yellow, which is easy to give people a fresh and clean feeling.

  • The story of the perfume bottles

    The story of the perfume bottles


    I believe that many people buy perfumes. At first glance, it will be the bottle of perfume. Then it is the taste of perfume. When you walk through the perfume counter, you feel that you now love to visit a small museum. Different, the design of the perfume bottle feels the changes of the times. In the first decade of the 20th century, according to the changes of the times, the peak of artistic style, the design of perfume bottles appeared in most fancy and complicated forms. The picture shows the Floramye perfume of L.T.piver in 1905. The material of the perfume bottle during this period is mainly made of crystal. Decorated with gold letters and brass caps, cork stoppers are used to prevent odor spills. When used, they can be directly applied to the wrist and neck.

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