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  • Wholesale Black Perfume Bottle

    Wholesale Black Perfume Bottle


    Since 2005, TOP&TOP has been offering an extensive range of superior quality perfume bottles to market. Choose from a wide range of clear glass bottles in an array of shapes, sizes and designs. We are skilled at helping you find the right look and feel of fragrance bottles for your brand. Elegant, stylish, functional and high-quality, our range of empty perfume bottles will revolutionise the way you put your fragrance out to your customers. We offer an array of customisation opportunities from printing in a single or multi-colour to solid or frosted coating options to really set you apart from the competition. Fine mist spray bottle,great for travel or make your own product. The bottle made of high quality material,good texture and not easy to break. Easy to refill,can be used repeatedly,bottle mouth sealed performance is very good,safety and not leak. Easy to carry,suitable for perfumes,essential oils,air fresheners,or other beauty products.

  • Cosmobeaute Indonesia 2023

    Cosmobeaute Indonesia 2023


    Dear Sir/Madam We treasure every opportunity to meet with you, our valued customer. From 12-14 OCT 2023, we will be exhibiting at cosmobeauté Indonesia 2023 We are one of the manufactures specialized in cosmeitc packaging ,including cosmetic box ,perfume box ,cosmetic bottle ,perfume bottle etc.Our new mold offer superb  design and their new features give them distinct advantages over similar products from other manufactures. It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition,we expect to establish a long term business relationship with your company in future.     12-14 OCT 2023 Booth Number: B27 Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Indonesia | 10AM-7PM Thank you   Looking forward to your reply   Best regards,

  • Wholesale Perfume Bottles For Fragrance Packaging

    Wholesale Perfume Bottles For Fragrance Packaging


    Wholesale Perfume Bottles For Fragrance Packaging Our wholesale fragrance bottles are great for perfumes, colognes, and more. Simply pair each glass perfume bottle with a perfume cap to tightly seal and preserve the liquid fragrance. Our wholesale perfume bottles are available in multiple collections that vary in size, shape and color. You can order contact us . We have developed the perfect perfume caps, collars, and pumps to tightly fit each glass perfume bottle. Widely Uses: Elegant fine mist atomizer for perfume, essential oils, aromatherapy, body mists, first aid kits, home remedies, homemade DIY sprays, natural perfumes, air fresheners, perfume sample bottle, and more. Just enjoy the fun when softly squeezing the spray top and feeling the mist or other cosmetics sprayed from the vial.

  • Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2023 - ExpoBeds

    Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2023 - ExpoBeds


    Dear Sir/Madam We treasure every opportunity to meet with you, our valued customer. From 26 Aug -27 Aug 2023, we will be exhibiting at ICC Sydney Australia. We are one of the manufactures specialized in cosmeitc packaging ,including cosmetic box ,perfume box ,cosmetic bottle ,perfume bottle etc.Our new mold offer superb  design and their new features give them distinct advantages over similar products from other manufactures.  it would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition,we expect to establish a long term business relationship with your company in future.     Exhibition Center:     ICC Sydney Australia booth number :    F142 Date:26 Aug -27 Aug 2023,  Thank you   Best regards,

  • Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2023 - ExpoBeds

    Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2023 - ExpoBeds


    COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA AT A GLANCE As the most influential global event dedicated to all facets of the beauty industry, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna has been a landmark event for more than 50 years. Cosmoprof is where companies do business and the perfect stage for the beauty trend-setters to present breakthrough product launches and innovative solutions. Don't miss it! Shenzhen Top & Top Creative Printing Packaging Co.,Limited mainly produces packaging products  including perfume bottles, cosmetic bottle,cosmetic tube and etc. At The Custom Bottles, we provide businesses with custom bottles pack and custom packaging solutions that meet industry and product specific needs. Welcome to meet us!!!❤️

  • The Production Process of Plastic Bottles

    The Production Process of Plastic Bottles


    There are two commonly used production processes for plastic bottles: The first is the extrusion and blowing process, that is, the plastic raw materials are added to the extruder, the molten parison is extruded by heating, melting and plasticizing, and then placed in the bottle mold for inflation molding, and after cooling and shaping, it is taken out of the mold to repair the waste edge After getting the finished product. This process is mainly used to produce polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride plastic bottles, such as milk bottles and soy sauce bottles. The second is the injection stretch-blow process, that is, the plastic raw material is injected into a tubular parison by an injection molding machine, and then placed in a bottle mold for stretch-blow injection molding, and the finished product is obtained after cooling. This process is mainly used to produce PET plastic bottles, such as mineral water bottles,pet alcohol bottle, etc. If you want to know more about the pet bottle,please feel free to contact with us.

  • Cosmetic Brands Choose Pet Bottle Packaging

    Cosmetic Brands Choose Pet Bottle Packaging


    First, let’s talk about some of the advantages of using pet plastic bottles for cosmetics. Compared with glass bottle packaging, plastic bottles are lighter in weight, resistant to drop and collision, convenient for transportation, lower cost, better shelf effect, and plastic bottle surface. Easier to print. In addition, plastic bottles can use in-film labeling technology, which can also show the grade of the product. The specifications of plastic bottles are abundant, and packaging of different sizes is in line with the current consumer habits and can be applied to more consumption scenarios. Let’s talk about the current packaging trend of cosmetics. Nowadays, cosmetics consumption tends to be high-end. The packaging must also reflect high-end quality. The pet material is very high-end. The products of major brands like Estee Lauder and Lancome are mainly plastic packaging. , High-permeability materials, glass texture, and environmental protection characteristics, of course, will become the ideal choice for more cosmetics brands.




    As people's consumption habits and aesthetic concepts continue to change, the packaging of shampoo bottles is also quietly changing The plastic shampoo bottle is now becoming more and more small-sized. In the past, large bottles are very practical and preferential, and they are welcomed by people. However, consumers now pay more attention to the quality of products. Exquisite small bottles appear to be more tasteful and easy to carry in small volumes. In addition, some niche shampoo brands and some large shampoo brands are beginning to take a small and fresh wind. Some are designed to resemble the shape of popsicles, which is beautiful and conforms to the shampoo usage habits. The shampoo moisture is in transparent and opaque packaging bottles. The shampoo in it is also a translucent texture, so the whole gives a crystal clear feeling. There are also exquisite illustrations used on the bottle body and packaging box, which are very exquisite. If you want to know more about  shampoo packaging bottle,please feel free to contact with us.  

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