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  • Apple-shaped Perfume Bottle

    Apple-shaped Perfume Bottle


    DKNY Be Delicious, using a classic 50ml apple-shaped perfume bottle and carton pack, the carton pattern and water droplets on the carton package, showing a juicy and dripping effect, while the apple bottle is no different from a real apple. In addition, according to different fragrances, there are apple bottles of different colors such as green apples, pink apples and red apples. The same tempting scent is hidden under its seductive appearance. The advancement of technology and the improvement of people's aesthetics have led more and more brand-name businesses to seek more classic perfume bottles.

  • The Design for Perfume Bottles

    The Design for Perfume Bottles


    Designer Igor Mitin created an interesting packaging concept from the good ZEN parfumes of Kazakhstan's design agency. He creates a unique shape perfume bottle from the natural elements . "This is the natural smell of tranquility that envelopes you immersed in peace and peace. This is the tranquil natural scent that envelopes you immersed in peace and peace. This is the tranquil natural scent that envelopes you immersed in peace and peace. This is the tranquil natural scent that envelopes you immersed in Peace and peace. The packaging concept is based on the synthesis of natural shapes and bottle shapes. The Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle has a bottle-like shape like a gemstone cut, a square shape of clear crystal, a clean line, a black font of "CHANEL" and "N°5" on a white background, which is impressive. profound. Mrs. Chanel believes that perfume is an important step in the final finishing of women's overall dress. Therefore, even if only the perfume family would launch the perfume at the time, Mrs. Chanel, who was born as a fashion designer, decided to insist on launching the perfume under the brand of chanel, and had obvious talent and excellent insight in the bottle design: “My aesthetics” The point of view is different from others: others are afraid to increase it, and I subtract it one by one."   It is for this reason that the simple shape of the Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle has been designed in the perfume works of the same period, and it has become the strangest one, because in all the perfume bottles that are extremely complex and colorful, only There is a Chanel No. 5 perfume like a bottle of light medicine. However, this kind of simplicity has formed a new aesthetic power that has successfully entered the elegant atrium of the ladies and ladies. They finally have to succumb to the flamboyant wealth, and can find a valuable texture in a simple and powerful design.

  • Factory Customized Cosmetic Glass Bottles

    Factory Customized Cosmetic Glass Bottles


    We professionally provide cosmetic glass bottles, pull-tube bottles, plastic bottles, essential oil bottles, cream bottles, lotion bottles and other cosmetic materials, and provide relevant plastic parts, nozzles, bottle shoulders, bottom sets and other supporting services for the majority of customers. The company is market-oriented, strictly in accordance with the ISO9002 quality management system for management and production, and has the right to operate import and export, and has more communication and cooperation with Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, the United States and many other countries and regions. The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Cosmetic packaging display: (a) chic shape Packaging is so good for a piece of cosmetics. This is the packaging design of the nine-year souvenir of Herborist Jiyi Lian Perfume, which can make people want to watch it for a while. The perfect combination of shape and material and color can make people want to buy it. The decoration is also a successful package. (two) pattern elements The use of elements can add color to cosmetics, making packaging simple and connotative. (three) bright colors Color is a factor that can be noticed by the human eye. Bright colors are always beautiful and attractive, and at the same time, they form a style. (4) At a glance The packaging of cosmetics must be clearly and comprehensively written by the information that the customer wants to know. The text is a more thorough introduction to cosmetics. (5) Appropriate size and shape If a cosmetic packaging material is good in color, but the size is not ergonomic, and people are not comfortable in their hands, people may choose something else. (6) The existence of beauty Beauty in cosmetics packaging is an indispensable element and the most attractive place.

  • How to Clean Essential Oil Bottles

    How to Clean Essential Oil Bottles


    First, after the essential oil is used up, use a piece of paper with good water absorption to put it on the bottle mouth, and let the bottle stand upside down for about a day. The remaining oil inside will also flow down. Next, use the tweezers and then put on the blotting paper to wipe the inside of the bottle. Once again, and then wipe it again with the toilet paper, you can basically wipe off the surface. Then use the detergent to pour the water, then pour it into the bottle, cover the bottle and shake it, then place it for about 15 minutes, pour it off, then add it again, after 3 times, rinse with water. Finally, wipe the inner wall of the bottle with a paper towel, open the cover and put it in the window or in a ventilated place to ventilate it. If it is urgent, you can blow it directly with a hair dryer, not too hot.

  • Design for Cosmetics Bottles

    Design for Cosmetics Bottles


    There are main types of cosmetic bottles: PET, PVC, PE, glass, etc. The printing process applied to those different materials is also slightly different. The design should be based on the material relationship between the design and the product, as well as the size of the bottle. details as follows: First, the design of cosmetic essential oil bottles Essential oil is a high-end cosmetic mouth, the price is often high, the plant extracts are strict and sealed on the packaging container, and the cosmetic reaction is not easy to occur, so the glass cosmetic bottle is more suitable. The ease of the essential oil is generally less, the bottle is also small, especially the height. In the design, the capacity is first calculated, the capacity of the bottle is tested, and the size of the bottle is determined. Secondly, the color of the bottle is mostly brown, of course, other colors can be customized to make the consumer feel comfortable. The paste is thicker and the mouth of the bottle should not be too small. For the bottle is relatively small, the text of the printed design can not be too much, more can not be installed, can not be too small, too small to print out more fuzzy. Second, cosmetic makeup remover bottle design The characteristic of make-up remover is that the paste is very thin, similar to water, and the capacity is generally between 100ml and 300ml. Therefore, PET plastic bottles are more suitable and the price is better than glass bottles. The diameter of the bottle can be designed to be around 45mm and the height is 100-130mm. The current mainstream style is equipped with a pump head cover, but in MX cosmetics packaging in October 2018, a makeup remover bottle with a brush head was developed. The brush head is because of the friction effect, which can significantly increase the makeup removal effect. This product has a very good market response. In addition, the surface area of the bottle is relatively large, and more texts and patterns can be designed for printing, mainly based on silk screen printing, and it is impossible to make offset printing, and high-grade ones can also be sprayed. Third, cosmetics sunscreen spray bottle design The capacity of the sunscreen spray bottle is generally about 80ml-200ml. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to consider that the sunscreen is carried by the daily travel, so the design of the bottle should not be too large, and it should be slender or short, easy to store in the bag. The spray design allows the sunscreen to spread evenly over the body, making the sunscreen even more effective.

  • What plastic material is the right cosmetic packaging?

    What plastic material is the right cosmetic packaging?


    Plastic cosmetics bottles are usually made of PP, PE, K, AS, abs, acrylic, PET, etc. It is usually used for injection molding of thick cream bottles, caps, stoppers, gaskets, pump heads and dust covers for cosmetic containers; PET blowing is a two-step molding, tube blank is injection molding, and finished packaging is blowing. bottle. Other emulsion bottles such as thinner containers and washing bottles are blown bottles. PET material PET material is environmentally friendly material with high barrier property, light weight, non-breaking property, chemical resistance, and strong transparency. It can be made into pearlescent, colored, magnetic white, transparent, and widely used in the installation of gel water. The bottle mouth is generally standard 16#, 18#, 22#, 24# caliber, and can be used with the pump head. Acrylic material acrylic material is injection molded bottle, chemical resistance is poor, generally can not directly paste the paste, need to be equipped with a liner barrier, filling is not too full, to prevent the paste from entering the liner and acrylic bottle In order to avoid cracking, the packaging requirements are higher during transportation, it is particularly obvious after scratching, the permeability is high, and the upper wall is very thick, but the price is quite expensive. AS, ABS AS, ABS: AS transparency is better than ABS, and the toughness is better. The order quantity is generally 10,000, which can be customized. It is usually made of primary color matte and magnetic white, or with pearl powder effect. The same color masterbatch is used for the bottle and the cover, but sometimes the material used for the bottle and the cover is different. There are some differences in the colors that are displayed. UV inks Silk screens have common inks and UV inks. UV inks have good effects, luster and three-dimensionality. In production, the color should be confirmed first, and the screen printing effect of different materials will be different. Bronzing, hot silver and other processing techniques and printing gold powder, silver powder effect is different, hard material and smooth surface is more suitable for hot stamping, hot silver, soft surface hot stamping effect is not good, easy to fall off, hot gold and silver gloss is good Printing gold in India.

  • How to Make Best Cosmetic Bottle Packaging

    How to Make Best Cosmetic Bottle Packaging


    1: Mold temperature: including the influence from the design of the mold, material. Glass wine bottles are actually relatively easy to control when the molding equipment is better. 2: The temperature of the gob, this relative is important. There are more problems with this temperature, including affecting the material type and molding. 3: Coordination of actions. Includes coordination due to machine speed and machine offset. 4: Mold design: including mold heat dissipation, mold matching, mold extension ratio. 5: Extension (some people call it heavy), that is, the initial mold is opened, and the mold is closed, and the air is blowing.

  • The different processes for glass cosmetic bottles

    The different processes for glass cosmetic bottles


    Scrubing process: Scrubing means immersing glass in a prepared acidic liquid (or applying an acid-containing paste) to attack the surface of the glass with a strong acid, while ammonia hydrogen fluoride in a strong acid solution causes crystals to form on the surface of the glass. Therefore, if the matte process is done well, the frosted glass surface is exceptionally smooth, and the crystallization effect is caused by the scattering of crystals. If the surface is rough, it indicates that the acid is more erosive to the glass, which is an immature performance of the master of the sander. Or some parts still have no crystals (commonly known as no sand, or glass spots), which is also not well controlled by the master craftsmanship. This process is technically difficult. The process is best characterized by the appearance of sparkling crystals on the surface of the glass, which is formed under a critical condition, mainly because the hydrogen fluoride ammonia has reached the end of fast consumption. In order to achieve this level, our factory has carried out many attempts to study, but has not been able to overcome this difficulty. Sand blasting process: This process is very common. It uses sand particles shot at high speed by a spray gun to hit the surface of the glass, so that the glass forms a fine concave and convex surface, so as to achieve the effect of scattering light, so that the light penetrates to form a squeaky feeling. The surface of the glass product of the sandblasting process is rough, and it seems that the glass of the original material is white glass due to the destruction of the glass surface. The process is difficult. The two processes are completely different processes, and the frosted cosmetic glass is higher in cost than the sandblasted glass, and the effect is mainly in the user's demand. Some unique cosmtic glass is also not suitable for matte. From the pursuit of noble.and of course,you can choose right process for your bottles and save cost.

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