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  • The Production Process of Plastic Bottles

    The Production Process of Plastic Bottles


    There are two commonly used production processes for plastic bottles: The first is the extrusion and blowing process, that is, the plastic raw materials are added to the extruder, the molten parison is extruded by heating, melting and plasticizing, and then placed in the bottle mold for inflation molding, and after cooling and shaping, it is taken out of the mold to repair the waste edge After getting the finished product. This process is mainly used to produce polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride plastic bottles, such as milk bottles and soy sauce bottles. The second is the injection stretch-blow process, that is, the plastic raw material is injected into a tubular parison by an injection molding machine, and then placed in a bottle mold for stretch-blow injection molding, and the finished product is obtained after cooling. This process is mainly used to produce PET plastic bottles, such as mineral water bottles,pet alcohol bottle, etc. If you want to know more about the pet bottle,please feel free to contact with us.

  • Cosmetic Brands Choose Pet Bottle Packaging

    Cosmetic Brands Choose Pet Bottle Packaging


    First, let’s talk about some of the advantages of using pet plastic bottles for cosmetics. Compared with glass bottle packaging, plastic bottles are lighter in weight, resistant to drop and collision, convenient for transportation, lower cost, better shelf effect, and plastic bottle surface. Easier to print. In addition, plastic bottles can use in-film labeling technology, which can also show the grade of the product. The specifications of plastic bottles are abundant, and packaging of different sizes is in line with the current consumer habits and can be applied to more consumption scenarios. Let’s talk about the current packaging trend of cosmetics. Nowadays, cosmetics consumption tends to be high-end. The packaging must also reflect high-end quality. The pet material is very high-end. The products of major brands like Estee Lauder and Lancome are mainly plastic packaging. , High-permeability materials, glass texture, and environmental protection characteristics, of course, will become the ideal choice for more cosmetics brands.




    As people's consumption habits and aesthetic concepts continue to change, the packaging of shampoo bottles is also quietly changing The plastic shampoo bottle is now becoming more and more small-sized. In the past, large bottles are very practical and preferential, and they are welcomed by people. However, consumers now pay more attention to the quality of products. Exquisite small bottles appear to be more tasteful and easy to carry in small volumes. In addition, some niche shampoo brands and some large shampoo brands are beginning to take a small and fresh wind. Some are designed to resemble the shape of popsicles, which is beautiful and conforms to the shampoo usage habits. The shampoo moisture is in transparent and opaque packaging bottles. The shampoo in it is also a translucent texture, so the whole gives a crystal clear feeling. There are also exquisite illustrations used on the bottle body and packaging box, which are very exquisite. If you want to know more about  shampoo packaging bottle,please feel free to contact with us.  

  • The Advantages of Round Hand Sanitizer Bottle

    The Advantages of Round Hand Sanitizer Bottle


    From the aesthetic point of view, the round sanitizer empty bottle is more in line with the general public's aesthetic and is more attractive. From the psychological point of view, the round plastic bottle is more likely to make people feel comfortable with the product, and it is not easy to make people feel resistant and uncomfortable. From the packaging process, the round hand sanitizer bottleis relatively simple to make, while other shapes of plastic bottles require additional molds, and the process is complicated. In terms of cost, the circular area is the largest, which can save raw materials. It also does not take up space during transportation, which can reduce production costs. In terms of user experience, the round shape PET bottle is convenient to hold, and the grip is more comfortable.

  • Can Ordinary Plastic Bottles Hold Alcohol?

    Can Ordinary Plastic Bottles Hold Alcohol?


    The main components of the plastic bottle are made of synthetic resin and additives mixed in a specific ratio. Common ones include PET, PP, PVC, PC, PE, etc. Although most of them will not react chemically with alcohol, some plastics or The additives will be corroded by alcohol. Drinking wine must be careful not to use plastic bottles. At present, only food-grade plastics, such as PET, can be filled with wine. Secondly, alcohol has strong volatility and can penetrate through most plastics. If it is installed in a plastic bottle for a long time, the alcohol concentration will decrease. This is why both alcoholic beverages and medical alcohol are packed in glass bottles. Some medical alcohols on the market are packed in plastic bottles, because plastic bottles of specific materials are selected, not all bottles are available. During the shelf life, it can ensure that the alcohol concentration does not decrease and lose the disinfection effect. For the above reasons, the choice of alcohol in plastic bottles is to consider not only the material of the bottle, but also the use of alcohol and the length of time to install alcohol. If you want to use it for drinking, you must choose food-grade plastic products. Plastic is not absolutely not allowed to touch plastic. Food-grade plastic bottles can hold food and drinks. We usually use plastic cups and wine bottle caps. But be sure to choose common plastic bottles and materials for beverages. It is best to keep the original bottle of medical alcohol. Using other plastic bottles does not guarantee that the alcohol will evaporate through the bottle, resulting in a decrease in concentration and loss of disinfection. As for the alcohol used for other purposes such as solvents, because it does not involve drinking and contact with the body, it can have a lot of requirements. If it is filled with plastic PET bottles , it is certainly no problem.




    1. Cut the soap into small pieces, or collect the remaining soap; 2. Add water to heat or melt, or add distilled water to distill water and shake for a few days; 3. Add a few drops of perfume, essential oil, rose water or a little honey, and mix well; 4. Put it into an empty lotion pump bottle of suction-type hand sanitizer or bath liquid for use. Make your own liquid soap hand sanitizer, according to your family's preferences, use  milk soap or other soap. to make different household “hand sanitizer” with cleaning and maintenance effect, stylish and individual, which not only increases the interest of life, but also saves money.

  • The Difference of PET Bottle and PE Bottle

    The Difference of PET Bottle and PE Bottle


    Whether the raw material used in the bottle belongs to PET or PE, you can check the triangle mark on the bottom of the bottle. For example, the PET bottle will have the word "1" PET. PET bottles are a kind of synthetic resin products that are common in life and can be divided into APET, RPET and PETG. It has stable chemical properties, can withstand high temperature of 70 degrees, does not release any toxic substances, and can be used for beverage bottles and various food packaging. PE bottles are made of polyethylene, including: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE. PE has higher water permeability and air permeability than PET, especially air permeability, so it is not suitable for sealed packaging. PE is generally used for engineering plastics, such as pipes (non-potable water pipes) used for drainage and decoration, and packaging for industrial supplies. Polyethylene itself is non-toxic, but it is prone to photooxidation, thermal oxidation, and ozone decomposition, and may release toxic and harmful substances. On October 27, 2017, the World Cancer Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer published a preliminary list of carcinogens. Polyethylene is in the list of category 3 carcinogens. PET bottles are common bottles in daily life, and are used in various food, beverage, hand sanitizer packaging and cosmetic packaging. PE bottles are mainly used for the packaging of industrial products and are not suitable for packaging as food and items that come into direct contact with the body.

  • How Are Plastic PET Bottles Made

    How Are Plastic PET Bottles Made


    The packaging  PET bottle is blown out by a blow molding machine. The blow molding process is a bidirectional stretching process. The PET chain is bidirectionally extended, oriented and arranged, thereby increasing the mechanical properties of the bottle wall and improving the stretching, tensile and anti-stretch. Impact strength, and has good air tightness. A seemingly simple plastic bottle needs to be produced through many complicated processes, especially food-grade PET plastic bottles, which have to undergo strict material selection>preform preform>blowing. The specific production in the past is as follows: 1. Design of the final shape of the bottle 2. Mold design and manufacturing 3. Select raw materials 4. Make raw materials into preforms. Injection molded preforms need to be stored for more than 24h before they can be used. Preforms that have not been used up after heating must be stored for more than 48 hours to be reheated and used. The storage time of preforms cannot exceed six months. 5. Blow molding. The production of PET plastic bottles can be divided into injection stretch blow molding (abbreviated as injection stretch blow molding) and extrusion stretch blow molding (abbreviated as extrusion blow molding) according to the different preforms of the parison. 6. Qualified inspection and storage

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