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How to distinguish the quality of perfume bottles


With the advancement of society, glass perfume bottle packaging products are also emerging one after another. Nowadays, there are more and more bottle products on the market. Consumers also have certain confusion when choosing clear glass perfume bottles. How to use simple tools to judge the quality of the glass bottles.

To judge the quality of the white glass perfume bottle, first of all, we must observe whether the bottle of the white glass perfume bottle is deformed or skewed, whether the bottle mouth is regular, whether the bottle bottom has defects such as protrusion or depression; in addition, it is necessary to observe whether the bottle body is rigorous and whether it is staggered. Or too thick. From these aspects, it is possible to eliminate some substandard bottle products.

Secondly, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the glass material of the perfume bottle is smooth and clear, whether the bottle contains bubbles or impurities, whether there are cracks or spots, and if there are any defects, the product is not melted and cooled during the production process. The process has caused certain defects in the glass bottle products, and even has certain safety hazards.

In addition, when selecting the bottle product, pay attention to the thickness of the bottle. If the thickness of the bottle is not enough and the weight is too light, the quality of the bottle product is slightly worse. If the bottle is struck, if the sound is sounded, Crisp and sweet, it means that the quality of raw materials is excellent. If the sound is crisp and dull, it proves that the quality of the perfume bottle is not good.

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