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  • Perfume Bottle

    Perfume Bottle

    Perfume Containers holds the treasures ,which helps your perfumes jump off the shelf. Perfume is attractive not only for its unique and beautiful fragrance, but also for its exquisite design.Nowadays, designers devote more attention to the design of perfume bottles. Only with high "appearance level" and novel design concept can they stand out from numerous perfume brands

  • Cosmetic Bottle

    Cosmetic Bottle

    We have a number of products to offer, including the following: Cosmetic Bottles and Tubes Custom cosmetic tubes of all sizes with a wide range of applicators(Airless Bottles,Lotion Bottles ,Jars,Glass Bottles and Jars,Fine Mist Sprayers, Lotion and Fragrance Pumps,Compacts, Lipsticks, Mascara and Eyeliner Containers,Full range of plastic and aluminum closures).

  • Essential Oil Bottle

    Essential Oil Bottle

    Shenzhen Top&Top Creative Printing Packaging Co,.Ltd. has the experience of Essential Oil Bottles. The essential oil bottles we produce are of good color, more variety and reasonable price.

  • Candle Jar

    Candle Jar

    Some candles are practical and some are works of art. The difference is the container. Get creative in size and shape and look for a variety of styles to help please your most discerning customers.

  • Plastic Soft Tube

    Plastic Soft Tube

    Cosmetic Bottles and Tubes Custom cosmetic tubes of all sizes with a wide range of applicators(Airless Bottles,Lotion Bottles ,Jars,Glass Bottles and Jars,Fine Mist Sprayers, Lotion and Fragrance Pumps,Compacts, Lipsticks, Mascara and Eyeliner Containers,Full range of plastic and aluminum closures

  • Other Bottles

    Other Bottles

    We have many years of experience in the production of glass and plastic containers. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.

  • Glass perfume Spray Bottle

    Rectangle White Luxury Glass Perfume Packaging Bottle

    OEM Luxury Cosmetics Packaging Airless Pump Square Glass Perfume Bottle Custom Made Fancy Glass Perfume Bottle 50ml Supply Ability: 600000 Piece/Pieces per Month Sealing Type: Easy Open End Place of Origin: Shenzhen China Model Number: B20190612

  • Cosmetic Plastic Containers

    PET Plastic Clear Frosted Cosmetic Bottles

    Factory Production 120ML 15OML Pet Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle for Cosmetic/Skin care Products Packaging Pack Supply Ability: 500000 Piece/Pieces per Month Sealing Type: Easy Open End Place of Origin: Shenzhen China Model Number: B2019422

  • essential oil bottle supplier

    Brown Essential Oil Lotion Packaging Glass Bottle

    Cheap Price Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottle for Essential Oil Orifice Supply Ability: 500000 Piece/Pieces per Month Sealing Type: Easy Open End Place of Origin: Shenzhen China Model Number: B2019418

  • Empty Shampoo PET Bottle

    Plastic Cosmetic Soap Lotion Packaging Square Bottle

    Custom Cosmetic Packaging Square Plastic Shampoo Bottle Hair care Oil Bottle Hand Washing Liquid Body lotion Bottle Factory Price Custom Acrylic Cosmetic Jar Skin Care Cream Jar Supply Ability: 500000 Piece/Pieces per Month Sealing Type: Easy Open End Place of Origin: Shenzhen China Model Number: B2019418

  • Acrylic Lotion Bottle

    Wholesale Square Cosmetics Pump Acrylic Airless Bottle

    Cosmetic Cream/Lotion Container Made of PMMA Acrylic for Skin Care Packaging Supply Ability: 500000 Piece/Pieces per Month Sealing Type: Easy Open End Place of Origin: Shenzhen China Model Number: C71971

  • Empty Refillable Glass Perfume Bottle

    Fancy Retro Frosted Blue Restoring Glass Perfume Bottle

    Wholesale Handmade Fashion Modeling Bottle Pretty Butterfly Pattern Metal and Glass Perfume Bottle Supply Ability: 500000 Piece/Pieces per Month Sealing Type: Easy Open End Place of Origin: Shenzhen China Model Number: C4509012

  • Custom Luxury Glass Bottle

    Red Flower UV Coating Round Perfume Glass Bottle

    Wholesale High Quality Perfume Glass Bottle from China Factory,Professional Cosmetic Bottle/Jar Making for 10+ Years of Experience Supply Ability: 500000 Piece/Pieces per Month Sealing Type: Easy Open End Place of Origin: Shenzhen China Model Number: C124509002021

  • Colorful Glass Diffuser Bottle

    Diffuser Glass Bottle for Christmas Decoration

    Art Decorative Glass Reed Diffuser Bottle Supply Ability: 500000 Piece/Pieces per Month Sealing Type: Easy Open End Place of Origin: Shenzhen China Model Number:B78578

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About Us

About Us

Shenzhen Top & Top Creative Printing Packaging Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Top & Top Creative Printing Packaging Co.,Limited mainly produces packaging products  including perfume bottles, cosmetic bottle,cosmetic tube and etc.   At The Custom Bottles, we provide businesses with custom bottles pack and custom packaging solutions that meet industry and product specific needs. We have a professional team having rich experience in bottle pack design and manufacturing. We have established long-term business relationship with many factories, wholesaler perfume Bottle, trade company over the world, gained a lot of good feedback and reputation. You can find our products on the shelves of retailers in Europe, USA, China, Japan, Korea etc.  We  never stop improving our technology and supplying the best service face all over the world. Just send a email to us, then we will try our best to meet all of you need. Our advantage: 1. We are a professional and cost-effective manufacturer of Perfume Bottle 2. We offer the most competitive price and satisfying service 3.100% quality and delivery time guaranteed 4. Customized size & color & style & design available 5. Environment-friendly materials 6. Visiting factory is welcome Our slogan is " highly quality, low cost, fast delivery time, and best service”.  Add :No. 302 Block B Building 3, Shangxue 1st Alley, Bantian Street Longgang District Shenzhen Cn, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China E-mail : janeqiu@top-packaging.com Tel: +86 0755-89358007
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  • Good Quality

    Good Quality

     " Highly quality, Low cost, Fast delivery time, and Best service. ” We have complete and advanced equipment including production workshop, painting workshop, inner coating production line, silkscreen printing machines, heat transfer printing machines, and so on. Thus, we are trusted for good quality and professional service.  The material we use is 100% virgin material, which is recyclable and environmental-friendly. We accept ODM and OEM orders to satisfy your specific requirements. Whatever shape you need, whatever size you like, we can customize them for you. In addition, we are able to do various surface treatments, such as screen printing, offset printing, hot stamping, labeled and so on. Our products are sold all over the world.  Our Factory:

  • Competitive Price

    Competitive Price

    Shenzhen Top&Top Creative Printing Packaging Co., Ltd. mainly produces the perfume bottles, cosmetic bottle,cosmetic tube and etc.  We have owned a factory with about 6800 square meters, and the most advantage we have is that we customize and provide helpful ideas for our customers. Our rich experience and high technology enhance our products to be in an high quality way.  Based on the customer's design philosophy, we provide advice on structural and technical matching, manufacturing high-end, unique products on the market, creating value for customers' products and enhancing product value positioning. We offer design ideas to new customers and offer reasonable prices. For long-term customers, we offer a certain degree of discount on the basis of quality assurance. Top&Top China has its own Quality Control Department (QC) to inspect the mass goods before shipping. According to different products and different requirements of our customers, we will inspect goods by different methods (Total Quality Inspection or Sampling Inspection), to ensure the product quality for our customers.  Our slogan is "highly quality, low cost, fast delivery time, and best service".We trust that our Top&Top will give our top service to all our client!

  • Quick Delivery

    Quick Delivery

    All of our bottles,caps and tips will be packed into poly bags then we put the poly bag into cardboard cartons.  ---We could pack whole set bottle in 1 carton,including bottle body,cap and tip.We also could pack bottle body,cap and tip into different cartons. In one word,we could pack bottles as your request. --If your bulk order is shipped by sea, we suggest packing by pallet, in order to avoid any collision between the cartons. Packing Pictures:

  • Excellent Service

    Excellent Service

    The Service we provide:we take care of your order.   ---Before delivery bottles from our warehouse:QC department pick up bottles at least 3 times to assure quality.   ---Before shipment to customer's destination:we send bottle picture to confirm what we sent is correct for you   ---After sending bottles: we send CI,PL&BL for customer's smooth import clearance ---After bottles arriving our customers: our after-sale customer will track our bottle quality.

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How to Make Best Cosmetic Bottle Packaging

How to Make Best Cosmetic Bottle Packaging

1: Mold temperature: including the influence from the design of the mold, material. Glass wine bottles are actually relatively easy to control when the molding equipment is better. 2: The temperature of the gob, this relative is important. There are more problems with this temperature, including affecting the material type and molding. 3: Coordination of actions. Includes coordination due to machine speed and machine offset. 4: Mold design: including mold heat dissipation, mold matching, mold extension ratio. 5: Extension (some people call it heavy), that is, the initial mold is opened, and the mold is closed, and the air is blowing.

The different processes for glass cosmetic bottles

The different processes for glass cosmetic bottles

Scrubing process: Scrubing means immersing glass in a prepared acidic liquid (or applying an acid-containing paste) to attack the surface of the glass with a strong acid, while ammonia hydrogen fluoride in a strong acid solution causes crystals to form on the surface of the glass. Therefore, if the matte process is done well, the frosted glass surface is exceptionally smooth, and the crystallization effect is caused by the scattering of crystals. If the surface is rough, it indicates that the acid is more erosive to the glass, which is an immature performance of the master of the sander. Or some parts still have no crystals (commonly known as no sand, or glass spots), which is also not well controlled by the master craftsmanship. This process is technically difficult. The process is best characterized by the appearance of sparkling crystals on the surface of the glass, which is formed under a critical condition, mainly because the hydrogen fluoride ammonia has reached the end of fast consumption. In order to achieve this level, our factory has carried out many attempts to study, but has not been able to overcome this difficulty. Sand blasting process: This process is very common. It uses sand particles shot at high speed by a spray gun to hit the surface of the glass, so that the glass forms a fine concave and convex surface, so as to achieve the effect of scattering light, so that the light penetrates to form a squeaky feeling. The surface of the glass product of the sandblasting process is rough, and it seems that the glass of the original material is white glass due to the destruction of the glass surface. The process is difficult. The two processes are completely different processes, and the frosted cosmetic glass is higher in cost than the sandblasted glass, and the effect is mainly in the user's demand. Some unique cosmtic glass is also not suitable for matte. From the pursuit of noble.and of course,you can choose right process for your bottles and save cost.

The charm of the perfume starts from the perfume bottle

The charm of the perfume starts from the perfume bottle

From retro hydraulic fragrances bottle to modern perfume sprays bottle, the packaging of perfumes has changed. But no matter what style of perfume bottle, as long as the light is pressed, the magic liquid touches the body, and these fragrances will evaporate with your every move, and the charm will be released indiscriminately. This is a luxury item popular in the 18th century. This perfume bottle with a squeeze ball can spray very fine perfume rain. Due to the exquisite workmanship and femininity, only a few women's fragrances use this type of packaging. This type of fragrance is now exclusively available for certain luxury perfume brands or limited editions. This bottle allows us to scent the fragrance without any reservations. The posture of this kind of perfume is a bit similar to a religious ritual in the Middle Ages, with the dripping holy water to drive away the disease and pray. Such packaging is often only used for light eau de toilette, such as cologne. Thanks to its mellow taste and generous capacity, this fragrance is favored by many men's fragrances, and they feel their masculine taste. And such a bottle mouth makes them use the perfume when they use the perfume, and the man's fortitude. Spray is the most common and practical packaging for perfumes. The spray can deliver the scent in the most subtle way. When you press it gently, the scent will float in the air and let all the germinated cells wake up. Most perfumes currently use this type of packaging. This is a private fragrance. Essential oils are the most breathtaking of all fragrances. Apply a drop on your fingertips, it will make the whole body hot, as if it will penetrate into every cell in an instant, releasing silent and dense notes. Perfume with essential oils often has a mysterious scent in the East or Middle East, creating a private and romantic atmosphere.

How to purchase cosmetic bottles

How to purchase cosmetic bottles

1, glass bottles used in cosmetics are mainly divided into: skin care products (cream, lotion), perfume, essential oils, nail polish, several major types of small capacity, more than 200ml capacity is rarely used in cosmetics. 2, glass bottles are divided into jars, narrow-mouth bottles, solid pastes generally use jars, should be distributed aluminum cover or plastic cover, caps can be used for color injection and other effects; emulsion or liquid For the paste, generally use a narrow-mouth bottle. It should be equipped with a pump head. Pay attention to prevent the spring and the ball from rusting. Most of the pump heads are equipped with glass beads. It is usually used for the test of the material body. If the cover is equipped with a plug, The water agent is matched with the small hole and the inner stopper, and the thick emulsion is equipped with the large hole inner plug. 3, glass bottles are more consistent in material selection, more processing, rich in processing technology, and bottle caps are diverse, common bottle shape has cylindrical, oval, flat, prismatic, tapered, etc., manufacturers often develop series of bottle shape. The bottle body has spray, transparent, frosted, translucent color, silk screen, hot stamping, hot silver and so on. 4, silk screen: glass bottle silk screen usually has two kinds, one is high temperature ink screen printing, which is characterized by not easy to decolorize, the color is dull, purple toning is more difficult to produce, the other is low temperature ink silk screen, the color is more beautiful, The requirements for the ink are high, otherwise it is easy to fall off, and attention should be paid to the disinfection of the bottle. 5. If the glass bottle is made by hand mould, there will be a slight deviation in the capacity. It should be tested and correctly labeled when it is selected. For example, the automatic production line is more uniform, but the shipment volume is larger and the cycle is relatively longer. The capacity is relatively stable. 6. The uneven thickness of the glass bottle can easily lead to damage, or it can be easily crushed by the contents under severe cold conditions. The reasonable capacity should be tested during filling, and the paper should be wrapped and separated by a single on the product. Equipped with a color box, the inner and middle boxes are more resistant to vibration. 7, the commonly used bottle shape of glass bottles are usually in stock, such as essential oil bottles, ordinary transparent or frosted bottles. The production cycle of glass bottles is long, it takes 20 days for fast, and the delivery period is 45 days. The general order quantity is 5,000 to 10,000. The smaller the bottle size, the larger the volume, the cycle and the order quantity.  8, the cost of opening the mold: manual mold is about 380usd, the automatic mold is generally about 615usd. 9, the cap process can be carried out with anodized aluminum lettering, bronzing edge, etched lines, with ...

Special cosmetic bottle for liquid foundation

Special cosmetic bottle for liquid foundation

Some plastic cosmetic bottles and the round bottles of silicone are not suitable for liquid foundation. The liquid foundation is recommended to use a special cosmetic bottle for liquid foundation. You can search for the liquid foundation bottle. Yes, it is often not in the sale of a bottle of skin care products, so you need to buy it separately, it looks like a needle tube, the top is a small brush, when you press the needle tube, the liquid foundation will flow to the brush, the brush will A little bit of liquid foundation, it can be said that even the makeup tools are omitted.

why is a mold cost so expensive?

why is a mold cost so expensive?

The most important factor in the production of glass bottles is the glass bottle mold; but many customers do not know why the mold opening cost of the cosmetic bottle is so expensive. Below the basic steps of making the glass bottle mold, you can clearly know what the reason is. The first step is to design the drawing: hand the sample glass bottle or size to the designer, and design the drawings of the whole set of machines; The second step is to turn the sand blank: sanding out the blanks of various components according to the drawings; The third step is milling the milling machine: the initial die and the die blank are milled into a flat surface by the milling machine. The fourth step is to make all the components at the same time: all the lathes in the workshop are all started, and their respective divisions are divided; if there is a dry initial mold, there is a dry die (that is, the end of the mold), and the first road is dry and then dried. (the end of the mold bottle mouth), there is a dry head, there is a dry funnel, there is a dry gas head, and a dry die (the die is dry, and some people then dry the core or punch and cool Device); The fifth step is to sculpt: after the completion of the second model, put the mold or the initial mold into the carved lathe, and according to the designed program, 99% of the work is automatically completed by the carving, saving time and effort, not yet. Will make a mistake; The sixth step is polishing: from the carved initial mold, into the mold, using fine sandpaper sanding; The seventh step is assembly: the components that are made in each production line are assembled, and the parts are assembled into finished parts; The eighth step is to open the slot: all the components that are in good condition are in accordance with the drawings, or the exhaust slots/heat sinks, etc.

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