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The different processes for glass cosmetic bottles

Scrubing process: Scrubing means immersing glass in a prepared acidic liquid (or applying an acid-containing paste) to attack the surface of the glass with a strong acid, while ammonia hydrogen fluoride in a strong acid solution causes crystals to form on the surface of the glass. Therefore, if the matte process is done well, the frosted glass surface is exceptionally smooth, and the crystallization effect is caused by the scattering of crystals. If the surface is rough, it indicates that the acid is more erosive to the glass, which is an immature performance of the master of the sander. Or some parts still have no crystals (commonly known as no sand, or glass spots), which is also not well controlled by the master craftsmanship. This process is technically difficult. The process is best characterized by the appearance of sparkling crystals on the surface of the glass, which is formed under a critical condition, mainly because the hydrogen fluoride ammonia has reached the end of fast consumption. In order to achieve this level, our factory has carried out many attempts to study, but has not been able to overcome this difficulty.

Sand blasting process: This process is very common. It uses sand particles shot at high speed by a spray gun to hit the surface of the glass, so that the glass forms a fine concave and convex surface, so as to achieve the effect of scattering light, so that the light penetrates to form a squeaky feeling. The surface of the glass product of the sandblasting process is rough, and it seems that the glass of the original material is white glass due to the destruction of the glass surface. The process is difficult.

The two processes are completely different processes, and the frosted cosmetic glass is higher in cost than the sandblasted glass, and the effect is mainly in the user's demand. Some unique cosmtic glass is also not suitable for matte. From the pursuit of noble.and of course,you can choose right process for your bottles and save cost.

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