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The charm of the perfume starts from the perfume bottle


From retro hydraulic fragrances bottle to modern perfume sprays bottle, the packaging of perfumes has changed. But no matter what style of perfume bottle, as long as the light is pressed, the magic liquid touches the body, and these fragrances will evaporate with your every move, and the charm will be released indiscriminately.

This is a luxury item popular in the 18th century. This perfume bottle with a squeeze ball can spray very fine perfume rain. Due to the exquisite workmanship and femininity, only a few women's fragrances use this type of packaging. This type of fragrance is now exclusively available for certain luxury perfume brands or limited editions.
This bottle allows us to scent the fragrance without any reservations. The posture of this kind of perfume is a bit similar to a religious ritual in the Middle Ages, with the dripping holy water to drive away the disease and pray. Such packaging is often only used for light eau de toilette, such as cologne. Thanks to its mellow taste and generous capacity, this fragrance is favored by many men's fragrances, and they feel their masculine taste. And such a bottle mouth makes them use the perfume when they use the perfume, and the man's fortitude.
Spray is the most common and practical packaging for perfumes. The spray can deliver the scent in the most subtle way. When you press it gently, the scent will float in the air and let all the germinated cells wake up. Most perfumes currently use this type of packaging.
This is a private fragrance. Essential oils are the most breathtaking of all fragrances. Apply a drop on your fingertips, it will make the whole body hot, as if it will penetrate into every cell in an instant, releasing silent and dense notes. Perfume with essential oils often has a mysterious scent in the East or Middle East, creating a private and romantic atmosphere.

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