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The Difference of PET Bottle and PE Bottle

Whether the raw material used in the bottle belongs to PET or PE, you can check the triangle mark on the bottom of the bottle. For example, the PET bottle will have the word "1" PET.

PET bottles are a kind of synthetic resin products that are common in life and can be divided into APET, RPET and PETG. It has stable chemical properties, can withstand high temperature of 70 degrees, does not release any toxic substances, and can be used for beverage bottles and various food packaging.
PET Bottle

PE bottles are made of polyethylene, including: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE. PE has higher water permeability and air permeability than PET, especially air permeability, so it is not suitable for sealed packaging. PE is generally used for engineering plastics, such as pipes (non-potable water pipes) used for drainage and decoration, and packaging for industrial supplies. Polyethylene itself is non-toxic, but it is prone to photooxidation, thermal oxidation, and ozone decomposition, and may release toxic and harmful substances. On October 27, 2017, the World Cancer Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer published a preliminary list of carcinogens. Polyethylene is in the list of category 3 carcinogens.

PET bottles are common bottles in daily life, and are used in various food, beverage, hand sanitizer packaging and cosmetic packaging. PE bottles are mainly used for the packaging of industrial products and are not suitable for packaging as food and items that come into direct contact with the body.

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