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How Are Plastic PET Bottles Made

The packaging  PET bottle is blown out by a blow molding machine. The blow molding process is a bidirectional stretching process. The PET chain is bidirectionally extended, oriented and arranged, thereby increasing the mechanical properties of the bottle wall and improving the stretching, tensile and anti-stretch. Impact strength, and has good air tightness.
A seemingly simple plastic bottle needs to be produced through many complicated processes, especially food-grade PET plastic bottles, which have to undergo strict material selection>preform preform>blowing.

The specific production in the past is as follows:
1. Design of the final shape of the bottle
2. Mold design and manufacturing
3. Select raw materials
4. Make raw materials into preforms. Injection molded preforms need to be stored for more than 24h before they can be used. Preforms that have not been used up after heating must be stored for more than 48 hours to be reheated and used. The storage time of preforms cannot exceed six months.
5. Blow molding. The production of PET plastic bottles can be divided into injection stretch blow molding (abbreviated as injection stretch blow molding) and extrusion stretch blow molding (abbreviated as extrusion blow molding) according to the different preforms of the parison.
6. Qualified inspection and storage

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