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Smart Hand Sanitizer Foaming Dispenser


NEW Smart Hand Sanitizer Dispenser from Top&Top .

You must say that hand sanitizer should be automatic, which is too lazy to be too ridiculous! In fact, automatic hand sanitizer is also beneficial. When we want to wash our hands, it will naturally be covered with various dusts and bacteria. When our hands touch the hand sanitizer bottle, there will naturally be a considerable amount of bacterial residues. . Especially in public places, so many people press and go every day, how dirty you can imagine.

The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is the same as our common automatic sensor faucet in public toilets. As long as you put your hand under the bottle mouth, the hand sanitizer will automatically flow out, and the content of the remaining hand sanitizer in the bottle can be displayed through the transparent window in front. . At the same time, it will automatically control the outflow of hand sanitizer according to the time the hand stays, which is very convenient.
hand sanitizer dispenser

Compared with traditional hand sanitizer bottles and soaps, smart hand sanitizer dispenser can reduce the probability and quantity of bacterial transmission, and can completely cut off the way of bacterial transmission;

This product is very popular in hotel and home.Top&Top offer bulk price for automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.

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