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PET Plastic Bottles & PP Plastic Bottles


Both PET plastic bottles and PP plastic bottles are a kind of plastic products, but there are also big differences between them. PP plastic bottle is a kind of food container with no toxic smell. Its high temperature resistance is very good. It can be used as the outer shell of the kettle. It can be used in milk bottles and other food containers. However, the high temperature resistance of PET plastic bottles is not as good as PP plastic bottles, and the carbonated drinks we usually drink, such as cola, sprite, and some juice packaging plastic bottles are made of it. Any kind of plastic product has a temperature limit when it is used. If the temperature is too high, it will decompose a harmful substance, or our plastics will be easily softened. Most of all plastic products are toxic substances. There are many beverage bottles that we drink every day and plastic bottles for liquid packaging that are not resistant to high temperatures.

PET plastic bottles

The appearance of the mouth of the PET plastic bottle is relatively neat, the end surface of the bottle mouth is very flat, the thread is relatively complete, there is no damage notch, and its crystallinity is very good, there is no benefit, nor What is the phenomenon of threading. The entire plastic bottle will not be deformed, and there will be no oil stains inside. The forming degree of the bottle body is very good, and the transparency is also very high. There are no black spots, scratches, fogging, whitening, and hardening. The colored bottles should be relatively uniform in color, without any obvious color difference. . The bottom of the bottle is not dented, and there is no protrusion, the bottom of the bottle does not crack, and there is no delamination.

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