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Design for Cosmetics Bottles

There are main types of cosmetic bottles: PET, PVC, PE, glass, etc. The printing process applied to those different materials is also slightly different. The design should be based on the material relationship between the design and the product, as well as the size of the bottle. details as follows:
First, the design of cosmetic essential oil bottles
Essential oil is a high-end cosmetic mouth, the price is often high, the plant extracts are strict and sealed on the packaging container, and the cosmetic reaction is not easy to occur, so the glass cosmetic bottle is more suitable.
The ease of the essential oil is generally less, the bottle is also small, especially the height. In the design, the capacity is first calculated, the capacity of the bottle is tested, and the size of the bottle is determined.
Secondly, the color of the bottle is mostly brown, of course, other colors can be customized to make the consumer feel comfortable. The paste is thicker and the mouth of the bottle should not be too small.
For the bottle is relatively small, the text of the printed design can not be too much, more can not be installed, can not be too small, too small to print out more fuzzy.

Second, cosmetic makeup remover bottle design
The characteristic of make-up remover is that the paste is very thin, similar to water, and the capacity is generally between 100ml and 300ml. Therefore, PET plastic bottles are more suitable and the price is better than glass bottles.
The diameter of the bottle can be designed to be around 45mm and the height is 100-130mm. The current mainstream style is equipped with a pump head cover, but in MX cosmetics packaging in October 2018, a makeup remover bottle with a brush head was developed. The brush head is because of the friction effect, which can significantly increase the makeup removal effect. This product has a very good market response.
In addition, the surface area of the bottle is relatively large, and more texts and patterns can be designed for printing, mainly based on silk screen printing, and it is impossible to make offset printing, and high-grade ones can also be sprayed.

Third, cosmetics sunscreen spray bottle design
The capacity of the sunscreen spray bottle is generally about 80ml-200ml. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to consider that the sunscreen is carried by the daily travel, so the design of the bottle should not be too large, and it should be slender or short, easy to store in the bag.
The spray design allows the sunscreen to spread evenly over the body, making the sunscreen even more effective.

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