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Cosmetic Brands Choose Pet Bottle Packaging

First, let’s talk about some of the advantages of using pet plastic bottles for cosmetics. Compared with glass bottle packaging, plastic bottles are lighter in weight, resistant to drop and collision, convenient for transportation, lower cost, better shelf effect, and plastic bottle surface. Easier to print. In addition, plastic bottles can use in-film labeling technology, which can also show the grade of the product. The specifications of plastic bottles are abundant, and packaging of different sizes is in line with the current consumer habits and can be applied to more consumption scenarios.
Cosmetic pet bottle wholesale
Let’s talk about the current packaging trend of cosmetics. Nowadays, cosmetics consumption tends to be high-end. The packaging must also reflect high-end quality. The pet material is very high-end. The products of major brands like Estee Lauder and Lancome are mainly plastic packaging. , High-permeability materials, glass texture, and environmental protection characteristics, of course, will become the ideal choice for more cosmetics brands.

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