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Can Ordinary Plastic Bottles Hold Alcohol?

The main components of the plastic bottle are made of synthetic resin and additives mixed in a specific ratio. Common ones include PET, PP, PVC, PC, PE, etc. Although most of them will not react chemically with alcohol, some plastics or The additives will be corroded by alcohol. Drinking wine must be careful not to use plastic bottles. At present, only food-grade plastics, such as PET, can be filled with wine.
Secondly, alcohol has strong volatility and can penetrate through most plastics. If it is installed in a plastic bottle for a long time, the alcohol concentration will decrease. This is why both alcoholic beverages and medical alcohol are packed in glass bottles. Some medical alcohols on the market are packed in plastic bottles, because plastic bottles of specific materials are selected, not all bottles are available. During the shelf life, it can ensure that the alcohol concentration does not decrease and lose the disinfection effect.

For the above reasons, the choice of alcohol in plastic bottles is to consider not only the material of the bottle, but also the use of alcohol and the length of time to install alcohol.

If you want to use it for drinking, you must choose food-grade plastic products. Plastic is not absolutely not allowed to touch plastic. Food-grade plastic bottles can hold food and drinks. We usually use plastic cups and wine bottle caps. But be sure to choose common plastic bottles and materials for beverages.

It is best to keep the original bottle of medical alcohol. Using other plastic bottles does not guarantee that the alcohol will evaporate through the bottle, resulting in a decrease in concentration and loss of disinfection.

As for the alcohol used for other purposes such as solvents, because it does not involve drinking and contact with the body, it can have a lot of requirements. If it is filled with plastic PET bottles , it is certainly no problem.

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