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A well-designed perfume bottle is the best salesman


When it comes to perfume, not everyone will embrace it, and so is the brand. LV (Louis Vuitton) has always paid close attention to perfumes, making it a minority in luxury brands. However, in 2012, the slightly conservative LV finally decided to launch its first perfume, moving the product line from the traditional position of leather bags. It spread, infiltrating the rusty territory of perfume.

How did French perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, who had been involved in the preparation of Issey Miyake's "Water of a Lifetime" and Ms. Dior Addict perfume, interpret the taste of LV, and what kind of attitude will the classic LV logo appear on which perfume bottles Undoubtedly the biggest suspense in the perfume industry in 2012.
In the perfume world, vision is just as important as smell. Before the customer can smell the perfume, it is the bottle that gives her the most direct sensory experience. The visual impact of a well-designed perfume bottle often catches the customer's heart before the temptation of smell.

This also confirms the old saying in the French perfume industry: "A well-designed perfume bottle is the best salesman for perfume." In the process of visually moving the sense of smell, perfumes that are easy to dissipate can only be perfected if they are wrapped by the unique bottle body. "No container can hold so many feelings and memories like a glass perfume bottle"-maybe only personal experience of Mrs. Chanel, but "no other product can make the container so delicate like perfume" is common among consumers Feel. Perfume bottles can always blend the beauty of the brand with the subtleties. Perfume bottles no longer play the simple role of containers.

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